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Our Services

Services at Powerstroke Automotive

Welcome to Powerstroke Automotive!

We at Powerstroke Automotive are like a family team, a family-owned and operated company in Australia. Our team will understand your needs, know the situation, and also implement quick solutions thereby providing a quality service to our customers. We make our customers confident in the driving experience. Contact us today to know more about our services at an affordable price range in Moonah. 


“Are you looking for outstanding professional major/minor car servicing in the Moonah area?”

Powerstroke authorised service is the best at what we do. We will care for you and your car with our workshops located around. 

Listed some of our services, have a look at these below. 

car service
  • Car repairs & maintenance in Moonah
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Vehicle Inspection 
  • Automotive repairs
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Logbook servicing 
  • Major vehicle service
  • Minor vehicle services
  • Brake repairs
  • Suspension repairs
  • Car engine repairs 
  • Pink slips in Moonah
  • Blue slips in Moonah

Our team of technicians will perform all the above services in Moonah. They are well trained, professional and trustworthy to perform the services and give 100% satisfaction to you. 

For any further information, call us on +03 62727337 today!


Experience Our Superior Service at Powerstroke Every Time

Powerstroke Automotive is an Australian owned & operated leading company in Car Repairs, maintenance, and servicing. Our car technicians are well trained, humble, and trustworthy. Some of our services include General servicing, Regular car servicing, brake and timing belt repair, suspension repairs, car engine repairs, tire installations, tire balancing, and engine rebuild service, etc. We are the ultimate car service destination for residents of Moonah. 

To book a car service, repair or maintenance please contact us now to get a free quote from us.


Car Repairs & Maintenance in Moonah

Whether it is a Hilden or Mazda, the mechanics at Powerstroke Automotive are specially trained to work with all major brands. We are offering regular car repairs and maintenance services for our clients in Moonah. Powerstroke Automotive is run by a local owner mechanic with many years of experience in the industry. We love fixing problems for you and making you peaceful with every drive. We think the best thing about being a mechanic is the smile on our clients’ faces when their car is back on the road. We follow the rule of “fix it once and fix it properly. We are looking forward to servicing your vehicle needs. 


Vehicle Inspection in Moonah

Need a vehicle inspection in Moonah? Have it inspected with Powerstroke Automotive!

Powerstroke Automotive vehicle inspectors will inspect your next purchase and provide you with a comprehensive car inspection report and complete guidance. Our pre-purchase inspection report will provide you with complete analysis covering all panel repairs, interior condition, mechanical components, logbook and road test. Our on-site inspection reports are independent and available immediately after the completion of vehicle inspection. All our vehicle inspectors are well trained, professional and friendly, advise and explain the report in your language so that you can understand completely. 

Most of the vehicle inspection companies push their inspectors to carry out 7 inspections per day but we at Powerstroke vehicle inspectors carry out a maximum of four per day. So that we can provide you with the best outcome. 


Major Vehicle Service in Moonah

We understand the major things such as the engine, suspension, transmission, steering, fuel system, cooling system, brakes, and many more automotive-related things. Our technicians at Powerstroke are equipped with special tools, winding diagrams, guides, and service schedules. They will provide the estimated cost before starting a repair.Then you can easily calculate your budget. 

One thing we are sure to say is that we are offering quality service, guaranteed service at an affordable price range. Our team at Powerstroke is serving in and around the Moonah area. If you are facing any problem with your automotive, and residing in Moonah surroundings, look no further than Powerstroke Automotive. You can visit our testimonials given by our favorite customers, to get an idea about our services. 


Brake Repairs in Moonah

When your car breaks down, we at Powerstroke Automotive take care of everything!

When your car requires any maintenance or stops working, contact Powerstroke Automotive to get immediate brake repair service. We can drop you home after you leave your car . Our team offers all mechanical services plus wheel alignment, brake repairs and tyres to provide the best solution for all your car care needs on the Moonah area. 


Logbook Servicing in Moonah

Powerstroke Automotive has years of experience in the service industry, repairs all learning brands & models of cars. We are providing logbook servicing in many areas including Moonah. Our team can provide fully qualified log book service on a wide range of models. The best way to keep your car running smoothly, safely, and reliably is to carry out logbook servicing.

Logbook service is mandatory to maintain a warranty for your new car. We at Powerstroke Automotive in Moonah provide a logbook to help you record your car service history. It will be beneficial to you at the time of sale of your vehicle. Call our experts at Powerstroke Automotive for Logbook servicing. We all know that we must go to a car dealer for New car log book servicing to maintain the warranty. But we at Powerstroke Automotive will serve your new car without voiding the warranty. You can simply E-Mail or Call us for a free quote from our team.


Suspension Repairs at Powerstroke Automotive

Are you facing any suspension problems with your automotive? Bring your vehicle into our service center today!

At Powerstroke Automotive, we can repair and replace steering and suspension components on your vehicle professionally. These components are directly responsible for how your vehicle handles, and if they wear the handling can become unpredictable. We are also capable of professionally aligning your wheels, maximising fuel efficiency and ensuring even tyre wear. If your vehicle is in need of steering and suspension repairs, or you’d like an assessment of your vehicle, contact us today.

 How To Reach Us?

“Visit Us at https://powerstrokeautomotive.com.au/ and Schedule an Appointment with us today!”

Call Us on  +03 62727337


Mail Us on powerstroke7@bigpond.com 


Personally approach Us at 60 Gormanston rd, Moonah (TAS), 7009, Australia

Our team of technicians will perform all the above services in Moonah. They are well trained, professional and trustworthy to perform the services and give 100% satisfaction to you. 

For any further information, call us on +03 62727337 today!